Wednesday, April 2, 2008

ICE Hits Radio/TV for 2008 - Central New York !

Radio and TV in Central New York has just given this community a big boost toward getting people more prepared by sponsoring ICE for 2008!

Yes, that means every day for the remainder of 2008 we should be getting the message on oldies and talk radio and their affiliate WTVH5 TV.

That means all those advertisers out there that want to jump on the bandwagon and promote themselves as well as help their community have a perfect opportunity to do so.

The radio stations have taken the ICE4SAFETY templates and created their own brochures with a card built why didn't we think of that?

So, if it is oldies or nationally syndicated talks shows you seek...look no further. Stay tuned to and for more ICE updates and special events that will occur during the year! More to come about this big promo!