Thursday, July 22, 2010

Twitter and ICE4SAFETY

Another way we get important digital file revisions to you is by using Twitter where you will see the most useful of ICE tools in digital form come your way with a brief explanation (if needed).

Look up ice4safety on twitter and get the revisions of forms asap. Works..... and it is simple. Find us here on Twitter.

ICE Card Example

In accordance with our Keep It Simple (KISS) Policy here we will be constructing posters you can use at your exhibitions that clearly demonstrate how to complete an ICE Card in the event someone has a question.....this is but one way. Add them to the other "how to" posters we have online for free.

Make sure to use a good fine point pen like a Space Pen or similar write anywhere ink version as water markers won't work well and smear/smudge.

Note that the order of the contacts could reflect the same order you have on your cell phone using the E.123 Method (Best - Simple - Works on All Phones 01, 02, 03....) and you can change these anytime just by making out another card.

Try your best to be consistent in this area because in the confusion of a full blown emergency many mistakes can and will likely be made.....remember that so you are not disappointed. If you use ICE you can certainly reduce the likelihood of an error or miscommunication taking place.

Monday, July 19, 2010

E.123 - ICE Online Catalogue

Our friends at Action Printwear suggested they host some ICE related promotional materials online as a way to establish additional attention to the use of the E.123 and ICE images. They will be used to promote the concept using practical devices such as E.123 marked USB Drives and Smart Phone Carriers.

Coming soon will be access to brochures, special poster printings and items related to your group/business/organization kicking off a successful and long lasting ICE promotional campaign.

If you don't see it there let (us) them know and they can find an item for you and get them out!

Visit: Logon: "ice" Password: "ice4safety"

Thank you.

Monday, July 12, 2010

ICE App Smart-ICE is Tops!!!

Once again items bearing the ICE4SAFETY Logo are hard to beat! recognized the smart-ICE line of ICE safety products as a great should too!
Visit: for more info.
Don't forget to visit:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Smart-ICE Rates For Mom's!!!

Smart-ICE - developed by those fine folks at EMS-Options, LLC in Ohio keeps moving it's way to the head of the pack when it comes to emergency applications for smart phone devices. Here is just another example of people - in this case, a popular website for moms, recognizing that fact.
Babble is the fastest growing website for moms, with over 4 millions moms visiting the hippest parenting site in the US every month.
Gee, now Smart-ICE is hip as well!
This ICE application came in 4th for the Family and Fun Category and 25th in the pack of Top 50 overall! This website magazine scoured hundreds of applications looking for the best for mom's and ICE scored big......considering the tens of thousands of App's out there.
Great work Tim and Wil! Persistence and quality of product and service pays off.
More good news for ICE is coming....

Learn more about smart-ICE at
Visit Babble at

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Distracted Driving Effort Kicks Off

Our good friend and safety professional Jay Anderson from Stay Alive Just Drive (SAJD) in Lee County Florida is a tireless and dedicated advocate of safe driving if there ever was one.

This Independence Day Holiday - SAJD kicks off what we hope will be another successful citizen's effort to stem the tide of unnecessary and preventable loss of life related to operating motor vehicles while distracted with other activities like cell phone use, applying make-up (yes), shaving, eating, reading the newspaper and a host of other things people do that cause horrific accidents. Watch the news video here....

If you can imagine doing something "stupid" while driving.... since 80% of accidents are caused by distractions - then these activities would be "stupid".

The scientific facts already exist - you cannot effectively drive and use a cell phone - no you can' just can't. Period - End of Story - end of argument.

Stay Alive - JUST DRIVE! Find out more about this excellent effort.....

Priceless. Thanks Jay!

Don't forget to be prepared with ICE whenever you travel.