Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustov Tests Preparedness Plans

Update 9-4-08: By all accounts our local/state/federal government agencies interacted well and service to the mass evacuation was performed well. This should be the new standard for future events of this nature. Practice does improve those odds. More storms loom on the horizon as this is written and officials are poised to respond again. Job well done.

Gustov is approaching the Gulf Coast as a Category 5 Hurricane...this is powerful...more so than Katrina. Federal, State and local officials are now working together and ahead of schedule in evacuations and moving assets to the area.
The lessons of Katrina may have been learned.

Still authorities stress that it is personal individual preparedness and readiness to react to warnings that have improved the survivability of this type of event.

Hurricane IKE is now enroute to the coast as emergency crews wait nearby on the ready to provide service as needed.

Tiffiany's Story - A Reason to Use ICE

Link to Florida DMV Site

Link to Tiffiany's Story Website

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Welcome to the ICE4SAFETY Blog

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Schools Back !! Time to Prepare - Using ICE

It is that time of year again.....what has your school district done to increase the safety of your children...better yet, what have YOU done?

It is after all, YOUR responsibility...not someone else's.
The sooner you realize that fact of life the better.
So, don't wait for someone else to do your work for you.

Have a frank discussion with your children about their personal safety - remember, the effort you expend NOW will be a lot less than when an incident or disaster happens.

Start simple:
-Make sure they have a completed ICE CARD - especially if they have medical issues - don't rely on third parties to provide this information because they may be unable to when the chips are down or be delayed(them what??)!
-If they have a phone - make sure it has emergency contacts identified using E.123 Standard
-Place an ICE STICKER on the cell phone (free by SASE at
-Give them a plan to follow in case of an emergency - such as who to call or places to go or meet up.
-Conduct a question and answer session about what they would do in certain situations that relate to your area - make sure they know what to do. Conduct a practice drill and discuss alternate routes home and understand what they are - ahead of time.
-Discuss the concept of sheltering in place which may be the best approach in certain instances.
-Provide a number of safety items that your children can keep with them to give them some additional sense of security and self reliance (and that will pass school security measures).
-Knowledge is power and crucial in any survival situation - don't be afraid to use it.

There is no time like the present to get started.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ICE for Industry in 2008

ICE has more uses than those attributed to cell phones as most of you have now come to know.

Because of the world we live in and the increased vigilance about safety on job sites, using ICE as a safety tool for the workplace makes perfect sense.

Learn more about how you can use ICE as a workplace safety tool - one that you can develop yourself as well and not be committed or have to rely on a single vendor for your supplies!

Learn also about the International Non-Language Based E.123 Standard that ICE4SAFETY is assisting the United Nations to promote across the world.

Click on the PowerPoint Slide above to access the website and view the presentations!

New York State Fair Features ICE for 2008!


The Emergency Medicine Department at Upstate Hospital ( A teaching hospital) has recognized for the second year in a row, that using ICE can be a valuable tool in your survival.
They have their poster and brochures prominently displaying that fact at the 2008 New York State Fair.
The New York State Fair is in progress as we blog this!
Stop by the Health Exhibit Building just inside the main gate and visit the SUNY Hospital Information Booth staffed by medical professionals.
Can you get a better endorsement than that to use ICE? A number of trauma hospitals across the country have endorsed the use of ICE as has Consumer's Reports (July '07).
Upstate Hospital Emergency Room Nurses Support Using ICE - READ IT HERE!
Yes, that is indeed the ICE4SAFETY Image!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome Back Students! Vassar & ICE 2008

Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York is welcoming back students this Fall Semester with ICE! Incoming students will be provided their own custom designed ICE Cards in an effort to improve safety and prepredness amongst the student body and employees at this fine educational institution!

Welcome Aboard Vassar Students!

Educators around the world have been inquiring about the development of a course curriculum on ICE and ICE4SAFETY is responding....

Still time for other schools to bring ICE on board this Fall!