Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New York State Fair Features ICE for 2008!


The Emergency Medicine Department at Upstate Hospital ( A teaching hospital) has recognized for the second year in a row, that using ICE can be a valuable tool in your survival.
They have their poster and brochures prominently displaying that fact at the 2008 New York State Fair.
The New York State Fair is in progress as we blog this!
Stop by the Health Exhibit Building just inside the main gate and visit the SUNY Hospital Information Booth staffed by medical professionals.
Can you get a better endorsement than that to use ICE? A number of trauma hospitals across the country have endorsed the use of ICE as has Consumer's Reports (July '07).
Upstate Hospital Emergency Room Nurses Support Using ICE - READ IT HERE!
Yes, that is indeed the ICE4SAFETY Image!

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