Thursday, October 28, 2010

ICE Banner for Your Event

Sponsoring an ICE event?

Promoting ICE?

Having a Fundraiser?

Special Event - Charity Walks, Runs, Staffed Info Booths? 

Hard to Miss....

Here is an example ....Vancouver, BC has their community policing folks staffing the city's transit hub to distribute ICE Cards, Brochures and to answer questions about using ICE from commuters!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


We had to write this after navigating through about 80 local "Fleet Feet" runners on the Erie Canal path during an evening bicycle sprint.

It was great to see the majority of runners with headlamps and reflective vests like the Nathan Amphipod.

We have one and made some quick adaptations that includes ICE Stickers, ICE Cards and ICE Medical Info Forms. Now that Winter is here in some locations - so are the sliding cars and trucks.....if they can't see you, they may not even realize they even hit you. Besides snow and slippery pavement there are the ever growing number of distractions drivers have like phones, food, make-up, animals and you name it...we already blogged about one moron shaving as he drove!

This particular vest has a large enough zippered mesh pouch up front to carry ID and the important ICE info. Since you can get these ICE tools for nothing there is hardly any reason you shouldn't. we might suggest Bike and Running shops consider providing this effective low cost public service for their customers? Ski slopes too!

How many times have you read stories of bikers and runners wiped out by cars or trucks and public safety officials not knowing who they are for hours or days? Don't let it be you....and don't think everyone will automatically know who you are or who to call if you were injured and couldn't speak for yourself - most of us are not THAT well known.

Wet weather? Not a problem as cards are coated and weather resistant or you can laminate them yourself for added foul weather protection and durability...stickers are outdoor weather resistant as our outdoor test stickers (2 years running now) attest to. We can see that having slightly more expensive reflective stickers in the 1x1" size as well might be our next product offering for the biking and running crowd.

Wait until you see what else is coming.......

Friday, October 22, 2010

ICE & Business Continuity

Need an argument for Business Continuity Planning?

This is another activity that lends it self so well to the principles of the ICE Concept.

Bob Brotchie shared this with us and is copied from his blog.
Bob's link is on the right here.

Business Continuity – Have you any Plans?

So it’s a Monday morning and you arrive at the workplace to find that not only are all the staff standing outside the business...they are in the company of Firefighters...or Environment Agency...or?

Nightmare begins!

You have no contingency, the workers have nowhere to conduct YOUR business, receive YOUR customer’s calls, take or process their requests...
Along with the building, the IT and telephony has been rendered useless. With just one fire/flood/contamination - your business and reputation has been destroyed.

What are you going to do now? What is your next action? Cry probably!

Alarmist you think? The scenarios above - whilst fairly occasional, are just three of the dangers your business faces when you are without effective resilience and business continuity planning.

What if your IT infrastructure is compromised - by security or software/hardware/systems failure?

What if you’re staff become ill with a contagious bug. Perhaps they cannot even get to the workplace due to environmental challenges such as fog, ice, snow, winds or floods. Maybe it will be transportation issues for your staff or suppliers or dispatch teams. Road closures, transport infrastructure collapse, strikes, fuel shortage or terrorism, to name just some.

Supply chain – Do your providers of services or goods have resilience? Have you got a ‘back-up’ for that little challenge? Have your fiscal affairs been risk assessed?
...and of course there are more, this thing grows legs!

That’s a little ‘cheer you up’ for your thoughts. So what are your options?

1. Do nothing...and hope!
2. Learn what can be done to reduce risk and...Implement strategy to cope or...
3. Engage professional consultants to identify professionally and help you to be
ahead of the (game) risk

Aside from the obvious, what benefits will I achieve?

1. The livelihood of you, your staff, your customers and suppliers will enjoy greater protection
2. As you tender for business growth, you can be ahead of many competitors by demonstrating within your contract negotiations, that you have resilience and have taken measures to protect their supply too
3. To satisfy audit, governance and due diligence reporting
4. You get to sleep at night!

Resource to expert advice below and a link to my poll on this subject via Linkedin

My thanks to Gareth Howell of Business Continuity UK for whom I recommend you speak with about your plans Business Continuity UK

For other global specialists-
The Resiliency Professional Network Group (Linkedin)

Linkedin Poll

Friday, October 15, 2010

EAVES Ambulance Needs Your Help!

Criminals broke into the EAVES Ambulance Corp in East Syracuse, NY 10-15-10 and stole valuable emergency equipment from them that is vital to their operations. They also damaged other equipment and the scene support rig.

This rig is there to support firefighters on fire scenes to keep them hydrated and safe during extended fire situations as well as other emergency situations requiring additional support.

The story can be found here at this link to WIXT Ch 9 TV .

The donor wishes to remain anonymous which is a super class act on their part.
EAVES sent an ambulance over to pick up a replacement that same evening!

See updated WIXT News 9 at 1930hrs: YNN News
ICE4SAFETY has acquired a donation to get them a few thousand ICE Cards and ICE Stickers to help them raise money from donations for the cards from the local community and anyone else that feels like donating. Stop by the Ambulance Office or send a donation via the mail:

Send a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) to EAVES and have ICE CARDS and Stickers mailed back to you for your donation.

Make any checks out to EAVES AMBULANCE. Suggested donation $1 per card.
Now to repair the damage and find those responsible!

East Area Volunteer Emergency Services Inc.
PO Box 34
6440 New Venture Gear Drive
East Syracuse, NY 13057

Non-Emergency: 315-437-0939
Vince Stevenson - Director
Ken Smithers - Assistant Director

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ICE and Stay Alive Just Drive

Recent safety display by Stay Alive Just Drive.
ICE4SAFETY is proud to be associated with one the best authorities on distracted driving - Stay Alive Just ongoing effort being administered by the ever dedicated Jay Anderson. Not one day goes by where we are not witnessing at least one near miss and countless other drivers being distracted by one task or another......and there are many.
We are supporters of the work being done by SAJD as we have witnessed the results of distracted driving.
We recently witnessed a motor vehicle operating on a highway erratically and upon exiting noticed that the vehicle was still having difficulty merging despite a wide and long merge lane....and no traffic to boot!
Low and behold, we passed this menace to observe an older man using an electric shaver on his comes close to the young lady seen driving while using her cell phone, juggling her coffee, lipping a cigarette and applying mascara.....
Seriously though is so tempting to want to do other things to maximize your time while driving....even using a "hand free" device eats up 37% of your brain's ability to concentrate on the task at hand - Driving!
Just Drive.

Red Cross Emblem Restrictions

Some merchants either knowingly or unknowingly are taking an easy route to what they might consider success by adapting their company product image to a version or an exact copy of the International Red Cross Emblem which has specific restrictions on the use of that symbol for anything other than Mercy Missions or use by licensees such as the American Red Cross.

Read below..from the Red Cross.

Most people recognize the red cross on a background of white as an international symbol of humanity. What is not so well known is the fact that the use of this emblem is spelled out in international treaty and restricted by U.S. law.

It is hoped that this leaflet, by providing information and guidance about the restrictions, will prevent the inadvertent illegal use of the Red Cross name and emblem.

Observance of the spirit and word of the prohibitions guarantees the effectiveness of the symbol as a distinctive and universally recognized sign of neutrality that is so vital to individuals who are entitled to protected status in times of armed conflict.

The prohibitions are not designed to protect any vested interest of the Red Cross as an organization. Actually the American Red Cross and other national Red Cross societies are in effect only licensees. They have been granted the right to use the name and emblem for specified humanitarian purposes.

How did the Red Cross Originate as a Neutral Symbol of Mercy and What are Its Distinguishing Marks?There is more than a century of tradition behind the Red Cross emblem as a symbol of humanitarian protection. The idea developed from an international meeting in Switzerland in 1863 on improving care of the wounded on battlefields. One of the recommendations called for volunteer medical personnel of all countries to wear an easily recognized sign: a white armlet with a red cross, sometimes referred to as the ""Geneva cross."

An international treaty know as the Geneva Conventions was signed on August 22, 1864, by the representatives of 12 countries. It established the fundamental principle that "wounded or sick combatants, to whatever nation they may belong, shall be collected and cared for." It adopted the Red Cross emblem as the international symbol to identify personnel, material, and facilities used to care for the sick and wounded in times of armed conflict. By the terms of the treaty, persons and facilities bearing the symbol are protected from attack. Over the years the protection of the original Geneva Convention has been extended beyond the battlefield to include the shipwrecked, the prisoners of war, and the civilian populations affected by armed conflict.

Rigid definition of the form of the cross, the exact shade of red in the cross, and the shape of the white background was deliberately avoided to ensure universal respect for and to avoid abuse of the emblem intended to serve as the humanitarian Red Cross symbol.

In the treaty it was described simply as a "red cross on a white ground," created by reversing the colors of the Swiss flag. Thus, variations in dimension, shape, and shading would not change the status of the Red Cross emblem as a protective sign.

What Restrictions Do Current International Humanitarian Treaties Impose?The Geneva Conventions, as the original and subsequent related international humanitarian treaties are called, limit the use of the Red Cross emblem and the words "Red Cross" and "Geneva Cross" in both war and peacetime to identify the following: facilities for the care of the wounded and sick members of the military; armed forces medical personnel and equipment; military chaplains; the International Committee of the Reed Cross; the League of the Red Cross Societies (Now the International Federation of the Red Cross; and the various national Red Cross societies, including the American Red Cross.

Is National Law Involved in the Use of the Name and Emblem?Yes. To ensure universal respect for the protective nature of the Red Cross symbol, the Geneva Conventions obligate adhering governments to prohibit the unauthorized use of the name and emblem in both war and peacetime. Each government that is a party to the treaties enacts laws to protect the Red Cross name and emblem within its boundaries. The rules in this country were set by the U.S. Congress when it first granted the American Red Cross its charter on June 6, 1900, and they are now set forth in Sections 706 and 917 of the U.S. Criminal Code.

What is the significant Section of the U.S. Legal Restriction?It is contained in Section 706, Title 18, U.S. Criminal Code, part 18 which reads as follows: "Whoever, whether a corporation, association or person, other than the American National Red Cross and its duly authorized employees and agents and the sanitary and hospital authorities of the armed forces of the United States, uses the emblem of the Greek red cross on a white ground, or any sign or insignia made or colored in imitation thereof or the words ‘Red Cross’ or ‘Geneva Cross’ or any combination of these words- "Shall be fined..."

Are the Words "Red Cross" Copyrighted? Is the Red Cross on a White Background a trademark?No. The Red Cross name and emblem are not the property of the American Red Cross as a corporation. The American Red Cross is entitled to use the name and emblem only because it is the officially designated volunteer organization envisioned by the Geneva Conventions to assist the United States government in carrying out its treaty obligations. The treaties anticipate the existence of such an organization in each country bound by the treaties and authorize such organizations to make use of the name and emblem in carrying out the humanitarian activities for which they are established.

As the previous question and answer point out, U.S. prohibitions against the use of the emblem and name come from the federal criminal code. The prohibitions have nothing whatever to do with copyright or trademark law.

Are There Any Exceptions to the Federal Criminal Code Prohibitions Against the Use of the Red Cross Name and Emblem?Yes. Commercial concerns that used the name or emblem in connection with the manufacture and sale of their products or for other lawful purposes before 1905 are entitled to continue such usage. The United States government did not take away the rights that existed before the enactment on January 5, 1905, of the statutory provisions mentioned above.

Can the American Red Cross Grant Exceptions to the Federal Statutes?No. Although the American Red Cross is on e of the entitled users of the Red Cross name and emblem, as specified in the federal statute, it has no authority to interpret, waive, or relax the stipulations. In exceptional circumstances, however, Red Cross national headquarters may approve requests from Red Cross units to authorize the use by specially deputized agents of the Red Cross name and emblem in joint community projects with other organizations. For details, see the appendix to Use of the Name, Emblem, and Flag of the American Red Cross (ARC 544).

Is it permissible To Include Mention of the American Red Cross in Advertising?Yes, this can be done with the prior approval of the American Red Cross if certain stipulations are observed. A printed advertisement devoted only in part to the American Red Cross must be distinctively set apart from the rest of the advertisement. If the entire advertisement is devoted to the Red Cross, the name of the sponsor, the trademark, and the identifying line that is always used as part of the sponsor’s name may be designated in a byline at the bottom of the advertisement.
No advertisement through any medium shall carry the implication that the product or service of the sponsor is either endorsed or used by the American Red Cross. For additional guidelines on advertising involving the Red Cross, refer to ARC 544.

In Summary:
What Are the Rules for Use of the Red Cross Name and Emblem?
In accordance with International and federal law, the use of the name and emblem of the Red Cross in the United States is limited except for certain pre-1905 users - to the medical departments and to the American Red Cross. As noted above, the American Red Cross has no authority to waive or relax these limitations.

Virtually all of those firms that have used the name or emblem without knowing of its legal restrictions are willing to desist voluntarily, thus supporting and preserving the use of the symbol of protection of mercy.

Please visit

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Schools/First Responders Warm up to ICE!

More good news from Vancouver, BC Canada where more and more people are finding out about ICE and using it into their daily lives - mainly because it just makes such good (common) sense.

Learn how some persistent volunteer efforts are paying off and making ICE a household word in the territory and across the country!

See Vancouver Courier Article:

Even today some communities are still looking for that special "idea" to invigorate their community preparedness efforts....ICE is ready. Start your local effort today!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Driver Safety - Be Prepared for Long Drives

Long drives alone can be problematic especially when you are impaired by lack of sleep or the duration of the drive.
This student travelling in Montana reportedly fell asleep and his vehicle hit the end of the guardrail - tearing off 120 linear feet or rail that went through the passenger front headlight and exited out the driver rear window area.
No passengers and no injuries.
Will you be so lucky?
Stop and rest where safe or take short breaks each hour to stretch an exercise. Consider stimulating drinks and eating light. Live another day.