Thursday, October 7, 2010

Schools/First Responders Warm up to ICE!

More good news from Vancouver, BC Canada where more and more people are finding out about ICE and using it into their daily lives - mainly because it just makes such good (common) sense.

Learn how some persistent volunteer efforts are paying off and making ICE a household word in the territory and across the country!

See Vancouver Courier Article:

Even today some communities are still looking for that special "idea" to invigorate their community preparedness efforts....ICE is ready. Start your local effort today!

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  1. Good point made here.....if you are not particularly fond of your relatives you can always select someone else you trust as your personal emergency contact person.

    Just make sure they are aware of it and understand your express wishes in an emergency. Best part about using ICE Cards and other related ICE Tool is that you can always make changes third parties or subscriptions required.

    Remember - always have realistic backup plans and redundant safety efforts in effect to ensure your best chances of survival in an emergency situation! Take the time to brainstorm with your friends and family about what you would do in various emergency situations.


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