Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ICE and Stay Alive Just Drive

Recent safety display by Stay Alive Just Drive.
ICE4SAFETY is proud to be associated with one the best authorities on distracted driving - Stay Alive Just ongoing effort being administered by the ever dedicated Jay Anderson. Not one day goes by where we are not witnessing at least one near miss and countless other drivers being distracted by one task or another......and there are many.
We are supporters of the work being done by SAJD as we have witnessed the results of distracted driving.
We recently witnessed a motor vehicle operating on a highway erratically and upon exiting noticed that the vehicle was still having difficulty merging despite a wide and long merge lane....and no traffic to boot!
Low and behold, we passed this menace to observe an older man using an electric shaver on his comes close to the young lady seen driving while using her cell phone, juggling her coffee, lipping a cigarette and applying mascara.....
Seriously though is so tempting to want to do other things to maximize your time while driving....even using a "hand free" device eats up 37% of your brain's ability to concentrate on the task at hand - Driving!
Just Drive.

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