Sunday, June 22, 2008

Collaborating On ICE

Good deed ending up a great deed......A representative of the Brain Injury Association speaking to the folks at Coral Springs PD mentions ICE and how adopting it it might benefit some of their community outreach efforts there. ICE4SAFETY gets an email and in no time the Coral Springs PD will be sporting some new ICE Stickers, Cards and good PR in the area!

Update: Last word in says the Coral Springs PD is looking to bring ICE to their community in the very near future. Nice.

Friday, June 13, 2008

National Syndicate Exposes Benefits of ICE in Florida!!

Read all about it..the Sun Sentinel in Palm Beach, Florida has done a follow up article about how the use of ICE from ICE4SAFETY.COM has made a profound and positive impact on safety in that part of the country since being introduced in January!,0,3230019.story

You will be hearing about this same effect happening again in Western New York very shortly.....


ICE Stickers - Keeping It Simple!

In our continuing effort to make life simpler for those promoting the use of ICE there is yet another way of dispensing the ICE Stickers by using the commonly available Roll Sticker Dispenser Box.
This appropriately labeled box has 1000 ICE Stickers inside ready to hand out at shows and events either one at a time or in quantities. The stickers are protected during handling. This is just too easy!
In any event you could also position this device at a "Point of Sale" or countertop at your facility to relieve staff of the need to assist in physically dispensing stickers. We suggest taping it down or securing in some manner to prevent "misappropriation" by the overzealous.
Placing a large VersaCard Sticker on the box keeps it simple to identify the contents.

Monday, June 9, 2008

ICE & Worker Safety - Helmet Tags Simplified!

Once again, ICE4SAFETY has managed to come up with a simple and straightforward solution to getting workers to use ICE.
No need to spend $5-10 (or more) for each worker to outfit their helmets with ICE Cards and ICE Stickers.
We calculated the cost at 25 Cents Each!
To make it even simpler ICE4SAFETY has created a pictorial tool box talk to demonstrate how to complete the process in six steps. We used durable and flexible business card sized packing protectors that are removable and reusable as well.
Here's another can use these inside your vehicle glove box, bicycle cargo bag or travel luggage as well! If your company or community wants to use this approach...set aside $25 for 1000 of these pouches.
C'mon, does it get any easier than this? DIY Rules!