Saturday, June 30, 2007

Social Service Agencies? Schools? Community Centers?

Summer time usually means social service agencies and community centers will be offering summer programs for kids or senior outings.
Supporters or businesses that work directly with these organizations can have a positive impact by sponsoring ICE education sessions or ICE Card printings and distributions.

Soon to come out on the website will be an easily produced card that can incorporate a cardholder photo, Name, DOB and 3 emergency contacts - point and click. Avery has a freeware card program where you can design your own, and we are constructing one in Adobe PDF to make the photo upload simple.....or you can do this yourself if you want.....

All you would need is a simple digital camera, a laptop or existing desktop computer (who does not have one yet?) color printer and business card stock. Give each child (or senior) a full page of cards (10) so they fill them out by hand and change contacts as needed or leave extra cards in backpacks, wallets, bicycles, wheelchairs so they are never without.....You can also print up some stickers....looks like we may have to store some here so smaller quantities can be sent out at cost.....

Now if you are a business and are picking up the (rather inexpensive) tab for this special event, there is no reason why your company logo or name cannot find a spot on the card or brochures passed out as being the sponsor...

Things to Come? Don't Wait and See.....

If you are still walking around thinking all is well and that maybe this won't happen to you - or affect you - please rethink that position.

Many of us may still be living our lives as if nothing is going on in our back yard - but because we now live in a "global community".... it will demand that we be more cognizant of the world around us.

While the political discussion on handling this threat to our safety continues, discussion on ways of being better prepared to survive them can continue here.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

PDF and Other Formats Coming Soon

Some requests for ICE forms in PDF have been on the burner for some time....some new program flexibility is ariving shortly and you will see additions in Excel and PDF.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Perfect Source of ICE?

We won't keep you waiting - it is the Supermarket or Grocery Store! Doesn't almost everyone go there at some point in time? Could we miss seeing Free ICE Cards or Stickers if they were at the POS checkout? Unlikely.....

What a great promotion...give away the cards to families and customers.....who always will be in possession of the card with your Market's Name imprinted on the back..and they will always keep coming back to get new cards or stickers...recent conferences for Grocery Stores have begun to stress that grocery chains begin to "give back" or stress wellness with their customers...does this fit in or what?


Just a reminder this ICE info is being brought to you for FREE - no subsidies here.... so that others may benefit......please take full advantage of it because others out there are charging you to do something you can do yourself.....we have some new program upgrades and will be loading up some additional documents and tools for you to use......

Somethings in the works are informative ICE magnets, we have the set up for ICE Polo Shirts and Hats, a spreadsheet document with all your critical info easy to fill out......

Monday, June 11, 2007

JUNE is Safety Month - Time to Use ICE

Here is a no brainer....June is SAFETY MONTH...
Safety Directors, Police, Fire, Campus Security Officials, Seniors Groups, Drug Stores Promoting Info Vial Programs, Homeland Security Support Organizations, Sporting Groups, Insurance Company Loss Prevention Managers.....Business Owners, Insurance Vendors, Hospital Wellness Programs, Restaurant Chains...Kayak Clubs, Gun Clubs, National, County and State Park Systems, Not for profit Groups, Child Safety Organizations........the list goes on.....plenty of time left to promote safety this month!!

Fatal Accident - Bicyclist Needed ICE

This is a most unfortunate incident where a well known Troy, New York boutique owner and popular designer died from her injuries - the 40 year old woman was struck by a minivan when she ran a red signal while operating her bicycle without a helmet.

The woman was not carrying any identification at the time of the accident and could not be identified for a day and a half.....she was identified after police issued a sketch of her publicly..... She died a week later......

We feel very sorry for the relatives and the victim.

Simply having ICE info attached to the bicycle may have helped unpalatable as it may be for some...learning from this tragic incident may help save others...that is how it works. Once again we feel sorry for those who knew the woman, her family and friends.....

Info from Albany Times Union Article by Paul Nelson - June 8, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

ICE Meets ERT in NYC

You can be as prepared for emergencies just like these guys are (okay, maybe without the guns) and keep your ICE info handy......maybe by now some people are getting the point......simple stuff...just takes a few minutes....a cameo lunchtime appearance by the ICEMAN....

Lost in the Crowd....Without ICE

Consider experiencing an ailment or injury that overcomes you during a visit to a large city, crowded with people.....and being (hopefully) whisked away to a hospital in this strange city.....and your friends and family not knowing where you were because they were shopping in another part of the city.....are you comfortable knowing your safety is in the hands of some folks who may have gotten out the wrong side of the bed that morning or are too overwhelmed that day serving others?

This isn't by any stretch of the imagination simply a make believe situation...think about your friends/business associates/family and what kind of predicament you'd be in having to help well as yourself.....sometimes people need a good mental shove to get out of their comfort zone....

Consumer Reports Recommends ICE

5 Ways to Survive the 53 of the July 2007 Edition of Consumer Reports discusses being prepared for medical emergencies through the use of ICE. These folks recognize the value of being prepared in the event of an emergency by discussing your having contact info programmed into your phone to improve the odds of your receiving better medical care.


Let's go one step further here.....take the online medical info form from and complete one and keep it with you in your purse/wallet/bike/boat/motorcycle/car if an emergency renders phone systems inoperable (known) then at least you will have this info on hand....other commercial concerns want EMS and others to call them so they can call your contacts and provide info.....yet another link in the chain to break or fail...remember in an emergency - SIMPLE works!!

Your best bet when printing forms is to use a laser printer as ink jet ink is not waterproof and will smear.....tip of the day.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Meet Murphy... The ICE Mascot

Meet Murphy the ICE Mascot.......Murphy is a Westie who has agreed to become the canine spokesanimal(?) and canine model for the ICE Blog.

While a wee bit small, he is full of energy and ready to take on the herculean task of preparing the world for ICE.

We hope to have Murphy ICE'd up with the latest ICE fashions soon!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

ICE Blog has E-Mail!

Okay, sorry for any can reach ICE at ....thanks to Ken for keeping us on our toes - please find the "Contact ICE" hyperlink in the left margin....feel free to use it .

Monday, June 4, 2007

Insurance Service Providers and ICE

Nurse Case Managers, Claims Adjuster or TPA firms and Private Investigators could do us more of a favor by using ICE to market their services by handing out ICE Magnets or ICE Stickers, Cards when they make their periodic visits to drop off their "presents" to their clients.....just think...something that all the employees can use, keep in their wallets or stick to their phones and give to their kids or relatives with YOUR company name on it.........maybe even a mini info card on how to use ICE.