Sunday, June 10, 2007

Consumer Reports Recommends ICE

5 Ways to Survive the 53 of the July 2007 Edition of Consumer Reports discusses being prepared for medical emergencies through the use of ICE. These folks recognize the value of being prepared in the event of an emergency by discussing your having contact info programmed into your phone to improve the odds of your receiving better medical care.


Let's go one step further here.....take the online medical info form from and complete one and keep it with you in your purse/wallet/bike/boat/motorcycle/car if an emergency renders phone systems inoperable (known) then at least you will have this info on hand....other commercial concerns want EMS and others to call them so they can call your contacts and provide info.....yet another link in the chain to break or fail...remember in an emergency - SIMPLE works!!

Your best bet when printing forms is to use a laser printer as ink jet ink is not waterproof and will smear.....tip of the day.

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