Monday, June 11, 2007

Fatal Accident - Bicyclist Needed ICE

This is a most unfortunate incident where a well known Troy, New York boutique owner and popular designer died from her injuries - the 40 year old woman was struck by a minivan when she ran a red signal while operating her bicycle without a helmet.

The woman was not carrying any identification at the time of the accident and could not be identified for a day and a half.....she was identified after police issued a sketch of her publicly..... She died a week later......

We feel very sorry for the relatives and the victim.

Simply having ICE info attached to the bicycle may have helped unpalatable as it may be for some...learning from this tragic incident may help save others...that is how it works. Once again we feel sorry for those who knew the woman, her family and friends.....

Info from Albany Times Union Article by Paul Nelson - June 8, 2007

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