Saturday, June 30, 2007

Social Service Agencies? Schools? Community Centers?

Summer time usually means social service agencies and community centers will be offering summer programs for kids or senior outings.
Supporters or businesses that work directly with these organizations can have a positive impact by sponsoring ICE education sessions or ICE Card printings and distributions.

Soon to come out on the website will be an easily produced card that can incorporate a cardholder photo, Name, DOB and 3 emergency contacts - point and click. Avery has a freeware card program where you can design your own, and we are constructing one in Adobe PDF to make the photo upload simple.....or you can do this yourself if you want.....

All you would need is a simple digital camera, a laptop or existing desktop computer (who does not have one yet?) color printer and business card stock. Give each child (or senior) a full page of cards (10) so they fill them out by hand and change contacts as needed or leave extra cards in backpacks, wallets, bicycles, wheelchairs so they are never without.....You can also print up some stickers....looks like we may have to store some here so smaller quantities can be sent out at cost.....

Now if you are a business and are picking up the (rather inexpensive) tab for this special event, there is no reason why your company logo or name cannot find a spot on the card or brochures passed out as being the sponsor...

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