Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New ICE 3-Fold Brochure Template

On the website now you will find a MS Word Version of the ICE Tri-Fold Brochure Template. This can be used by any group or business to help educate and promote ICE among members, students, community members with the ability for businesses to locate their business logo and name on the outside back cover (traditional location).

This is easy and the template can be used with pre-folded Avery products from your local office supply store, plain paper or even a professional printer.....
(Avery Reference #5884/8324/8384)

Some ideas would be for you to have a page describing what ICE is all about and another describing how to program your cell phone.....where to carry the cards....you get the picture....

Printers are all different, so may have to experiment with plain paper in your printer to determine how to reload the second side (inside) ......just remember how to orient the page and go at it.....

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