Thursday, July 12, 2007

ICE Cards Galore at

Do it Yourself just got easier....visit the website and download some newly designed customizable ICE Cards at that you can recreate yourself...if you are a business, family or an individual wanting to make a sharp looking card then here you doesn't get much easier!

These cards use the Avery Card templates found in any office supply store....or you can design them here and have a commercial printer print up large quantities if need be. You can go to to download the free limited edition DesignPro 5 program (51Mb) which is more than adequate to design these cards and the new ICE Sticker page now being hosted at the site. Program guide is on the probably won't need it.....we will place a simple guide sheet online shortly.

The card designs are "anchored" so you can tool around the card and not screw it up...but can release the anchor with a mouse click......

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