Friday, July 13, 2007

Save $$ Using ICE Tools from ICE4SAFETY.COM

Simple Tip from Gus at Office Max in Cicero, New York.... a ream of 90# or 100# paper and print out your cards using Avery Templates on a laser printer (both sides) and use a paper cutter (guarded or course) to cut up your cards and pass them out. Thanks Gus.....

Many businesses and homes have these items in use already so you can get going almost as soon as you access the ICE website. Laser printing (or commercial printer) is best as the image does not run because it is fused into the paper.

Still saving money for a small job for your family? Use laminating sheets or pouches designed for the purpose....cut the sheets up at a Kinko's/Fedex.

Now using a laser printer that can print both sides automatically is a dream...HP has a few..some manual double feeders are now only $225 on sale. Sweet!

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