Sunday, July 8, 2007

ICE USB - Store Your Info - In Case of Emergency

There may not be time to gather up all your emergency info when you are forced to "bug out" during a severe weather event or other disaster situation. As part of your preparations for such an event, consider having a USB or "Thumb Drive" containing your important medical information, photos of your home and valuables as well as critical information needed to rebuild your life in the event you have to relocate. will post a spreadsheet document that will make this process easier (that's why we're here) so don't recreate the you could buy a 2 Gigabyte USB Drive for under $20 and some places actually are giving away 256Mb drives....Invest in a well known brand.

Should you use the security features on these drives? Good question...if you lose it can someone steal your identity....sure don't keep it laying around on your dashboard or you kitchen counter..seal it in a vacuum sealer bag or zip lock freezer bag to protect it. Let your family know how it works and where you will secure it for when you have to take off......

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