Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Construction Workers and ICE

What could possible go wrong......you got up, went to work...climbed onto your rig as always and hey, no problemo.....except maybe the subcontractor has a few "new" guys on the job today that somehow didn't go through the normal orientation process.......you (and the new guys) could find yourself in a nasty world of hurt......

"Hope" is not an operative word in the safety field, so hoping it won't happen is not going to make it go away or not happen.....you need to actively identify and remove hazards whenever possible...and constantly be vigilant.

It is not just the safety managers job! The best contractors out there have safety as their highest priority.

Construction job sites are by nature in a constant state of change and therefore everyone involved has to be knowledgeable about those changes and prepared to take action to prevent accidents. Being prepared to deal with an accident that does in fact happen is essential as well.

Affixing an ICE symbol to your required on-site posted Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is one simple way to use ICE. Any visitors and subcontractor employees having ICE Cards wouldn't hurt....making safety high profile and easy to identify is smart!
More as we go along.......

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