Thursday, July 19, 2007

Low Cost ICE Containers

No need to spend tons of cash on your emergency kit or ICE this case a 5 or 6 gallon plastic pail outfitted with a Gamma Seal Lid ($7-9). Sturdier pails are stamped with .090 on the bottom.....this lid can be found online or in some paint is not food choose one of the other bright colors...this lid allows ease of opening or closing with one hand...just in case one is broken.....women will like these as you don't have to use a lid tool ($1 at Lowe's) to pop a well seated standard lid. You can set aside a real basic collection of emergency equipment like food/clothing /water purification /communications/cash/batteries/lighting/multi tools/heat tabs/fire starters and boat matches/handkerchief/plastic bags that you can store near your exit to dump in your car or keep in your car/truck. Packs are nice....not very waterproof but pails are inexpensive and widely available for free. Oh, and this floats...some of the kits and lists of contents out there are pure crappola.....don't rely on junk...if you can afford quality equipment - get it....we'll put some online.....

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