Friday, March 12, 2010

Brain Injury Awareness Month

The Brain Injury Association of Florida has been supportive of ICE over the years. People should be cognizant that March is the month where this debilitating affliction is recognized and people can donate of volunteer to help others.

Awareness and preventative measures should be a part of your safety program for this month. Certainly persons having injuries that might impair their abilities to communicate could benefit by having other means of communicating important information in an emergency.

The South Florida Chapter can be located at the following link:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Smart-ICE - Breaking Away from the Pack

Picking up more and more endorsements from Emergency Physicians and here is an example from Dr. Harvey Castro discussing the phone that speaks for you when you can't!
When you take your time and create a great product and continually upgrade and improve the product because it has your name on gets noticed.
It is like buying good tools - you have them for life if you buy right the first time.
We will be introducing yet another worldly product in short order in keeping with our pledge to continuous improvement. Nice work EMS-OPTIONS! Read from Dr Castro's review.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ICE and Breast Cancer Research

Why a pink icon?

There are times we take up causes for personal reasons…. this is one of them.

Breast Cancer affects millions of people in many different ways, often touching friends or family, so we search for ways to help a loved one fight this disease. A portion of the revenue from sales of this “Pink” edition, will be donated to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness & to help fight this horrible disease!

ICE4SAFETY has authorized that EMS-Options LLC be the sole provider of this fund raising ICE Image so local breast cancer efforts might avail themselves of this tool to help raise additional money to fight this disease. It also makes sense that those who support the fight and those that might be afflicted and have smart phones use this particular application.

EMS Options recommends that you place the “ICE4me” Icon in the upper left-hand corner of the main page and if you use the “Pass code” feature, activate the screen saver option with an emergency contact name and number.

This feature is built into this application’s set-up and will give the emergency contact listed the option to verify who the caller is and provide a Pass code for access to your medical information.

Also, always have a back-up plan for storing emergency medical information. See for hard copy cards to carry in your wallet or purse and other emergency preparedness information.

Learn more about this new feature and other safety related uses for ICE:

Thank you!

*NOTE: Apple iTunes is required to be installed on your PC in order to access the iPhone App Store and download the ICE4me iPhone application.