Thursday, October 29, 2009

Motorcycle Safety & ICE

Is your motorcycle group looking for ways to improve safety awareness on a personal level?

ICE4SAFETY will be adding a series of poster designed to raise awareness of personal responsibility to make sure you have contact lists and medical information on hand when riding.

As you can see, just like with the ATV and Snowmobile......ICE fits perfectly.

By the way, these two pics were taken by one of the very paramedics that someday might have to save your life if you were involved in an MVA.....getting the picture? Thanks!

Will post on the website for you to retrieve

Monday, October 19, 2009

ATV Sport Safety

Here we have yet another fine example of how anyone having an ATV, Snowmobile, Water Sled or other outdoor machine can enhance the safety of the rider. Not only are those operating instructions essential to safety but so is the ICE info we show in the pictures.

Sponsors of this activity have considerable exposure as you can see here by the CampingSurvival.Com supplied outdoor ICE Sticker and the EMS-Options ICE Card sealed up in a waterproof (mud proof too as we found out) pouch affixed to your ride.

ICE4SAFETY is making this simple argument for ATV, Snowmobile Dealers to help them promote safety and maybe encourage repeat business by encouraging good safety stewardship.

You could also laminate your own ICE Card and attach it in a variety of ways on your off road machine to further protect it from the elements. We have demonstrated that to you in past Blog entries.
Don't forget to wear a helmet approved for off-road use - make sure it is also equipped with an ICE Sticker (1x1" UV Coated) and you have a back up card in your trailering vehicle (truck/SUV etc) and have an ICE Card or Medical Info Document on your person!

We will place some posters online for those who would like to promote it in their off road clubs as is already being done now. We will be promoting this with the assistance of national safety groups shortly.....which is good for you.

There are no other versions of ICE that offers such versatility and widespread recognition for so little price (free) or effort than what you see here at ICE4SAFETY. If you can find it....then by all means go for it! No subscriptions here!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fire Safety Time Again!

Snow is here again! Fire Safety Programs that involve the community can be a great way to help out limited first responder resources with some of the more mundane but certainly essential tasks.

One such program is the Adopt A Hydrant idea we floated last season by creating some simple posters asking people to shovel out their hydrants near there homes and for community groups to do so as a concerted effort as well.

Most people probably won't lend a hand until after the fire burns down their neighbor's home - or theirs......too late then. Smarter folks are already clearing the local hydrants knowing it can mean the difference of coming home to charred remains or a home remodel job.

Okay Fire and Public Safety Folks....your can attempt to involve the community or continue to do it all yourselves.....with all the extra fire staff you have on hand.

Shoveling sure beats watching the game on the big firehouse LCD screen on those cold winter days.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Day after Disaster Documentary 10-16-09

You might be well advised to spend some time in front of the television of record the aforementioned documentary about the national response to a nuclear weapon detonation in Washington DC or one of America's other cities and the realistic aftermath of such an event.
It is an eye opener and well done. This information is invaluable to your preparedness efforts and the supporting document below can assist in your understanding of the realistic threats posed by terrorists in our midst.
You can review the PDF document that served as the basis for the report on the ICE DIY Page.
Want more scheduling information - visit the History Channel: