Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fire Safety Time Again!

Snow is here again! Fire Safety Programs that involve the community can be a great way to help out limited first responder resources with some of the more mundane but certainly essential tasks.

One such program is the Adopt A Hydrant idea we floated last season by creating some simple posters asking people to shovel out their hydrants near there homes and for community groups to do so as a concerted effort as well.

Most people probably won't lend a hand until after the fire burns down their neighbor's home - or theirs......too late then. Smarter folks are already clearing the local hydrants knowing it can mean the difference of coming home to charred remains or a home remodel job.

Okay Fire and Public Safety Folks....your call....you can attempt to involve the community or continue to do it all yourselves.....with all the extra fire staff you have on hand.

Shoveling sure beats watching the game on the big firehouse LCD screen on those cold winter days.

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