Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ICE Supporters - Just a Reminder

We often lose track of how many organizations are promoting the concept of being prepared using ICE. Here is yet some more.....
North Carolina Medical Society and Virginia University.

We like the play on words.....HOOS Prepared! Works!

Our Amatuer Radio Operator's in Cambridge Ohio (CARA) recognize the usefulness of ICE as a preparedness tool as well - of course.
The Lubbock, Texas area is being introduced to ICE at the various Network of Fire/EMS Stations associated with the UMC/EMS System in that area.....

Parish Nursing in Sebring Florida recently held a Preparedness Seminar for local residents which was a success.....

Thank you all for your participation and support.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

ICE - Public Awareness Poster

Looking for an inexpensive, simple way to help spread awareness about your ICE Program or Community Sponsorship of one for Safety Month?
Once again we make that issue a "no brainer" - this time using a simple concept of a self standing 3 sided counter/desktop poster that you can modify and place your organization's name and contact info on. Having an event - leave them on tabletops....or at doctor office counters/waiting rooms.....or lunch room tables...
Simply download the template, add your own info in Microsoft Word or Print in PDF, then fold cardstock paper at 3 5/8" or use tri-fold brochure cardstock from an office supply store. You can either tape the sides together or staple and you are done. Too simple.
Stop by the website and download your copy. Need help making a custom copy for your group....send us an email and we will help you out.
Getting that help for free anywhere else?