Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ICE Card Making 101 - It just Got Easier.......

Okay quick lesson in card cutting - two options....one is to use prefitted templates if making small numbers of cards yourself....this can get pricey but it works....next you can use a good color copier laser printable paper (about 100 weight) with a high gloss side ...print your cards.

There is a device called a Cardmate Business Card Cutter that reduces the amount of time needed to cut perfect business sized cards...about $100 but it is slick and you can check one out at http://www.spiralbinding.com/ or at better paper suppliers..... this thing would pay for itself if you were printing your own business cards as well.....
Just learned...Avery released yet another free business software program called the Avery Wizard 3.1 and it can be downloaded from www.avery.com This version works using macros in MS Word and has some added functionality when creating multiple cards for multiple people - you can do them all at once or a whole page at a time and save them in Word....nice. Teamed up with the above cutter.....you're there!
Even more good news..this same company offers card lamination pouches that accept the ICE Cards...if you have access to a laminator and want to do a bunch of these, they are about $4 for a box of 100.

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