Saturday, October 23, 2010


We had to write this after navigating through about 80 local "Fleet Feet" runners on the Erie Canal path during an evening bicycle sprint.

It was great to see the majority of runners with headlamps and reflective vests like the Nathan Amphipod.

We have one and made some quick adaptations that includes ICE Stickers, ICE Cards and ICE Medical Info Forms. Now that Winter is here in some locations - so are the sliding cars and trucks.....if they can't see you, they may not even realize they even hit you. Besides snow and slippery pavement there are the ever growing number of distractions drivers have like phones, food, make-up, animals and you name it...we already blogged about one moron shaving as he drove!

This particular vest has a large enough zippered mesh pouch up front to carry ID and the important ICE info. Since you can get these ICE tools for nothing there is hardly any reason you shouldn't. we might suggest Bike and Running shops consider providing this effective low cost public service for their customers? Ski slopes too!

How many times have you read stories of bikers and runners wiped out by cars or trucks and public safety officials not knowing who they are for hours or days? Don't let it be you....and don't think everyone will automatically know who you are or who to call if you were injured and couldn't speak for yourself - most of us are not THAT well known.

Wet weather? Not a problem as cards are coated and weather resistant or you can laminate them yourself for added foul weather protection and durability...stickers are outdoor weather resistant as our outdoor test stickers (2 years running now) attest to. We can see that having slightly more expensive reflective stickers in the 1x1" size as well might be our next product offering for the biking and running crowd.

Wait until you see what else is coming.......

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