Thursday, October 28, 2010

ICE Banner for Your Event

Sponsoring an ICE event?

Promoting ICE?

Having a Fundraiser?

Special Event - Charity Walks, Runs, Staffed Info Booths? 

Hard to Miss....

Here is an example ....Vancouver, BC has their community policing folks staffing the city's transit hub to distribute ICE Cards, Brochures and to answer questions about using ICE from commuters!


  1. Vancouver reported in this brief event about 400 people stopped to get ICE Cards, Brochures and learn about ICE.....pretty good considering everyone is in a hurry! Plans are to continue the efforts.

  2. ICE4SAFETY has loaned the banners out to various ICE promotional events for the cost of the postage. If your organization decides they like it they can purchase it or have one custom made to display the group name. In order to generate continuing awareness you need to be able to use an icon or symbol in more than one way and this ICE symbol certainly has acomplished that!


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