Friday, November 5, 2010

Reflective Work Wear - Easy to Equip

These highly reflective ANSI Class 3 reflective "Bomber" 3 in 1 Jackets are ideal for construction or public safety oriented work.  Waterproof  and easy to outfit with company logos we also found them to be an ideal candidate for outfitting your road crews with ICE.  Don't forget that the same ICE Cards used in the helmet system can also be used in the jacket, wallet, vehicle, home......and the list goes on.  Redundancy...key word. 

Don't forget that the ICE image is also in your phone, smart phone and medical information forms.....and part of your Emergency Action Plan.  In an emergency you want one clear and concise thin to remember not a myriad of safety-look alike graphics to confuse the living .... out of people.  PC is overdone want to take care of your people then we recommend you get it right.

As you can see here the clear badge holder pocket easily accommodates an ICE Card that is protected by a clear sleeve.  You can just as easily attach it to one of the microphone loops on either shoulder or place it in your radio/phone pocket on the opposite side.  In mere seconds you and your crew can be fully ICE equipped.

Best part is you got a system that is widely recognized and the program extends past the work hours unlike the "helmet only" single shot ideas.....making it a 24/7 go anywhere idea.  Try that with a hat pouch or ankle bracelet.....simple.  Need to change info - no need to call the supplier because those ICE Cards can be purchased in small quantities and not in minimums of 250 or 500!  Even better is workers can get them for free online......enough said.  

Where can you get these?  One good source right off the shelf is Dival Safety but they don't show up on their website....

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