Thursday, November 18, 2010

ICE - Simplified Carry

Uncomplicated and easy to use....that's ICE. 

Here we have a simple yet effective clear self sticking card and med form carrier that can be used inside your work safety helmet, on your refrigerator, inside your vehicle or even at your company work station in the event of an emergency.  

If you like, you can seal the opening with an ICE Sticker or tape so you can tell at a glance if the carrier was opened. 

You can also carry the medical information and contact form here alone in the carrier or in combination with your particular ICE Card.  The new Emergency Medical Contact Form also contains an extended "Current Medication" listing on the back for those who happen to be taking a boatload of medicines for some ailment.  Download and print your own off the website.....

SASE will still get you these items for free nothing to lose. 
ICE.....often copied........

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