Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustov Tests Preparedness Plans

Update 9-4-08: By all accounts our local/state/federal government agencies interacted well and service to the mass evacuation was performed well. This should be the new standard for future events of this nature. Practice does improve those odds. More storms loom on the horizon as this is written and officials are poised to respond again. Job well done.

Gustov is approaching the Gulf Coast as a Category 5 Hurricane...this is powerful...more so than Katrina. Federal, State and local officials are now working together and ahead of schedule in evacuations and moving assets to the area.
The lessons of Katrina may have been learned.

Still authorities stress that it is personal individual preparedness and readiness to react to warnings that have improved the survivability of this type of event.

Hurricane IKE is now enroute to the coast as emergency crews wait nearby on the ready to provide service as needed.

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