Saturday, September 6, 2008

Preparedness Tips - National Preparedness Month

We are getting back to the practice of providing more practical preparedness tips - and since September is National Preparedness Month, we plan to do as many as we can that are both informative and practical. ICE has become so popular here that we have had to spend considerable time in administrative duties.

ICE4SAFETY is fanatically into substance vs style. The messages will be short succinct and to the point. We then will compile them and provide them online so organizations and business risk managers can use them for posters or newsletter items for the people they serve.

All of the discussions have either been vetted with professionals in the field or from our own expertise and experiences. We may be interjecting information from various sources to save you time in researching on some of the more technical or bizarre survival sites online.

The recent exodus from New Orleans for Gustov shows how important it is to plan ahead for all contingencies. Many did just that. Others still don't get it and many who live in denial or in la la land may never get it until it is too late. Your choice - but officials now have said that if you remain - you are on your own.

Reading about survival can be frustrating and downright painful at times - you know you have to do something to improve your odds and prepared but the very thought of it reminds us of our own mortality.

We will break the topics down to size so you can chose them in a more palatable form. We think you will appreciate that and we know it will be easier to accomplish in this manner. No crepe hangers here...just practical folks that want to share with others. Thank you for the overwhelming support we have been receiving from across the globe!

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