Saturday, September 6, 2008

Preparedness Tip - Refrigeration to Go

This might seem like a luxury during an emergency situation, but then every situation is different and everyone has different circumstances. Your situation may require you to maintain something essential to your health during an emergency or as a part of medical treatment or therapy when the alarms sound. That is no time to make ice or stop at the shop and rob - but you see video of this every storm....

If you have medicines that require refrigeration and you live in the Gulf States you might recall the 14 hour ride in your car during the Hurricane Gustov evacuation of August/September.

While you may not be able to stuff a large cooler in your car as tempting as it sounds - you may have to provide a refrigerated source for ill children or elderly folks on board.

Forget ice or plastic freezer packs because this cryo-gel dry ice replacement is better because it lasts longer - up to 96 hrs in some ideal situations.

We've had them out in the open over 5 hours and in collapsible insulated containers for days. They are used to ship food and drugs via UPS or FedEx. Non-toxic, water soluble and can be disposed of easily, they can be molded to a degree of usefulness unlike solid plastic containers.

See if you can get them at shipping stores like the UPS Store and save those you do get with your next birthday cake or steaks in the mail. Keep them in your freezer. We suggest placing them in a Ziploc bag while storing and in use.

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