Saturday, September 6, 2008

Preparedness Tip - Home Evacuation Bag

How many times have you watched TV to see fire victims in their jams or a blanket outdoors at the scene of a fire? That could very well be you - and without shoes or boots. Some of the worst fires are in the winter months and your survival may rely on your being able to function in the cold. If you have great neighbors - wonderful! If not, or they are quite a distance away in deep snow or rough terrain in the dark...get the picture?

This colorful and water resistant fishing bag can be loaded with sufficient supplies, stored next to your bed and be filled with essential items that will help you escape and survive....and not be found frozen to the pavement in your pj's.

Rule of thumb for Fires - Get OUT - FAST!

Short List:

[ ] Easy on Shoes - Boots
[ ] Long Pants - Socks - Shirt - Underwear
[ ] Light Jacket-Rainsuit or Stuffed Down Jacket in Winter
[ ] Face Mask- Hat - Gloves
[ ] Glasses
[ ] Emergency Contacts List - Medical Information
[ ] Insurance Company and Emergency Contractor Contact Information
[ ] Spare 911 Cell Phone
[ ] Lithium Battery Powered Flashlight - Spare Batteries
[ ] Prescription Medicines properly labeled and in a zip lock bag
[ ] Keys to House/Car on Whistle Ring - Neighbor Key?
[ ] Secure Keys to Bag Securely with Good Steel Ring
[ ] Rescue Blankets for all occupants
[ ] Small First Aid Kit
[ ] Small quantity of high energy food or ration bar
[ ] Water
[ ] Spare Identification / Drivers License / Cash $$
[ ] Large Plastic Garbage Bags - Easy Open & Close
[ ] Bright colored water resistant duffel like bag - durable.

You might be lucky and live in a ranch home and can jump out or walk out with no problem. If you are already injured or ill and can't move quickly then discuss how you will evacuate. Practice if you can (almost everyone does not) and have a bag for young children or teens and instruct them on evacuation. Second floor evacuation may require a chain ladder be deployed - that requires some practice on how to.

Toss your bag outside and go. Don't carry it with you - it will cause you to fall off the ladder. It is brightly colored and you can see it easily. We wrote a real life evacuation story a while back which is online that depicts a Katrina survivor who bailed out in an evacuation for a leaking tank car without shoes, clothes or his prescription medicines he needed....not good.

This is an easy one.

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