Friday, September 12, 2008

Prep Tip - Vehicle Safety/Survival Kits - Part One

Let's get to it.
Having suitable supplies on hand in your ride is important. With severe weather emergencies a daily occurrence, having preparations on hand can be a life and death difference in some emergencies. Having the right equipment on hand is critical.

We will cover this in a few articles to make it more palatable.

Pictured above are just a few components of a kit found in one SUV vehicle. When you think "kit" you might be conceptualizing a big duffel or box filled with all kinds of gear. In some situations that may be accurate.

With so many types and sizes of vehicles on the road, you have to balance the size of your supply on hand with the reality of where you are most likely to drive your car. Where you are going, how far, how long and what kind of climate you will encounter will dictate some of the kit contents .

In some parts of the world you could be subject to multiple road/weather/climate conditions - snow/rain/heat/elevation.....all in one day.

Vehicle "survival" kits should reflect the type of climate you expect to encounter and the anticipated radius of operations. You wouldn't prepare for a winter snowstorm packing summer shorts & sandals on board.... You could in fact get stuck in your vehicle less than a mile from your home or other safety - and not survive.

Having some supplies on hand can make the difference and some everyday annoyances less so. You might want to purchase one of those made up kits from local car stores or the AAA but they were designed solely on price consideration. The best kits are the one's you make yourself.

Might this kit be a substitute for a full blown "go bag"? The basic elements of the car kit should reflect the model followed by you extended evacuation or "go bag".
Let's start with some of the basics:

Basic Car Emergency Supplies
[ ] First Aid Kit
[ ] Road Fusees or Electronic Strobe Flares
[ ] Fire Extinguisher
[ ] Durable High Intensity Flashlight - Battery Powered
[ ] Spare Batteries for Flashlight (Lithium)
[ ] Reflective Safety Vest
[ ] Spare 911 Cell Phone
[ ] Prepaid Phone Card
[ ] Emergency Blankets for All Occupants
[ ] Duct Tape
[ ] Spare Change (Roll Quarters)
[ ] Jumper Cables ( 6 Gauge)
[ ] Tow Strap/Receiver Hook (if equipped)
[ ] Leather Work Gloves
[ ] Spare Electrical Fuses (assortment)
[ ] Spare Tire - Inflated Properly
[ ] Spare Wiper Fluid
[ ] Tool Assortment (more on this later)
[ ] Permanent Marker
[ ] Coolant Hose/Belt Repair Kit (older cars)

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