Friday, September 12, 2008

Prep Tip - Emergency Power Source - UPS

Don't overlook this source of emergency power. Maybe your home or office has a few around to power down sensitive computer systems and offer surge and line protection for phone and fax/printer systems.

Depending on the unit, the UPS will most likely have 2 sealed 12V 7aH gel cell batteries connected inside that provide the power to an inverter. This unit is rated in the 600-800 watts range.

Short Term - you can power a 15 watt (60w equivalent) fluorescent bulb for 6-7 hrs or charge up some important devices like cell phones or lights for short periods.

Long Term - remove the battery pack and recharge with solar panel or small generators that might be in use. Run other 12v devices. You may want to take a mental note as well as use your labeling device to note the location and the ratings of the batteries for that potential use.

If you find one of these for could swap out the old batteries and exchange them for new ones at an electronics supply house or one of the 330 BatteriesPlus Locations near you or online at

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