Thursday, September 18, 2008

Prep Tip - Fire Starter Idea

FIRE FIXINS by Jay Boggs

Adapted for the ICE4SAFETY Blog with permission from CampingSurvival.Com

Fire Fixins started as a father and son project with my son Wyatt. Wyatt and I are both involved with Scouting and we both enjoy learning woodcraft stuff. I have always believed that fire making is a skill that everybody who ventures into the wild should be able to do. As with any skill, one must learn and practice.

The Fire Fixins kit contains Jute string that has been infused in wax, and a piece of fat wood that is easily lit because of the high concentration of pine resin. The idea is to take a piece of jute string, pull it apart into very small strands. Then take the fat wood and scrape wood shavings onto the jute making something like a birds nest.

Once completed, light with a lighter, match or my preferred method, magnesium/iron fire starting rod. This kit should help a person light many fires and give you ideas on how to make your own fire kit.


This is a great fire starter and I will now include it in all my fire starting kits. In fact Jay also sent me a picture of the jute attached to his knife sheath. That is a great idea. Not only is the product great for what it is, but the jute has wax worked throughout it. Wax can be great for many things in the wilderness and survival. For example, the wax can be used with a fire bow to lube the handhold or socket that you use to put downward pressure on the spindle and keep it moving freely without getting friction on the top.

Several times since Jay sent me the first sample of his new jute and fat wood fire starter I tried it and every time, I find myself thinking, why didn't I come up with this? All I did was cut a about a 2 inch piece of the jute string and work it out a bit to fray it and spread it all out so it catches the spark easily. Then I scrape just about a half dozen pieces of fat wood. I throw a spark and every time, it goes right up and burns for a couple minutes. This stuff is great. Actually, both the wax/jute and the fat wood can work by themselves. The two of them together can't be beat for fire starting even when wet.

I highly recommend that you have this in every kit and with you every time you go into the woods.

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