Saturday, July 3, 2010

Distracted Driving Effort Kicks Off

Our good friend and safety professional Jay Anderson from Stay Alive Just Drive (SAJD) in Lee County Florida is a tireless and dedicated advocate of safe driving if there ever was one.

This Independence Day Holiday - SAJD kicks off what we hope will be another successful citizen's effort to stem the tide of unnecessary and preventable loss of life related to operating motor vehicles while distracted with other activities like cell phone use, applying make-up (yes), shaving, eating, reading the newspaper and a host of other things people do that cause horrific accidents. Watch the news video here....

If you can imagine doing something "stupid" while driving.... since 80% of accidents are caused by distractions - then these activities would be "stupid".

The scientific facts already exist - you cannot effectively drive and use a cell phone - no you can' just can't. Period - End of Story - end of argument.

Stay Alive - JUST DRIVE! Find out more about this excellent effort.....

Priceless. Thanks Jay!

Don't forget to be prepared with ICE whenever you travel.

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  1. Thanks Mark for all your support. Together we are making a difference...... Jay


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