Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prep Tools - Hexagon Titanium Stove

Having options when your supply of traditional fuels run out is to have viable options in a survival situation. One practical option is to be able to burn wood. In many areas wood is plentiful and you may not need a rip roaring blaze to cook your food - or be able to get one going in bad weather....especially if back country camping.

This strong titanium stove weighs in at 4.1 oz and folds flat enough to place in a day pack or stored in your preparedness pack. The stove handles up to 1.5 liter cooking pots.

You could use this with jellied alcohol cans like sterno, scraps of wood, charcoal, firestarter logs - whatever you might find. This mini stove also reduces your impact on the environment and your visible signature if you are worried about attracting unwanted attention.

Downside - about $60 - Upside - well built and incredibly lightweight.

Find them here at or Vargo

Mention coupon code "ICE" at and receive 5% off.

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