Thursday, June 17, 2010

Improvised Emergency Shelter

In the event of an emergency where you might need to relocate to a safer location for a period of time depending on the nature of the emergency one consideration could be a variation of the storage container pictured here.
These 14 gauge all steel storage units come in 10-20-40 foot sizes and have a host of adaptations that can be installed that lend themselves to remote set ups including man doors, safety entrance and escape constructed doors, storage shelve options and secure locking devices. Of course they have a considerable storage capacity for whatever you think is essential to have on hand for your "camp" or relocation property.
The units can be shipped via truck/flatbed to your location and positioned strategically. Smaller units can be more manageable and while they normally are rented by construction firms and event organizer they can be purchased as well for about what you might pay for a stick built shed or garage depending on the condition.
Suffice to say the storage box is more secure and could be buried in sand or rocks to make it blend into the environment and do come in different colors as well. These units do come with vents to allow changing temperature condensation to evacuate as well as fumes from volatile compounds like gasoline.
We know you will attempt to store fuel of some sort in there so why beat around the bush. read other blog entries on that topic here. The tops are painted white to reflect sunlight in an attempt to keep the temperature down. Interiors are painted as well and have wooden floors.
Living in these things might be a challenge but less so that in a you can store materials on top of the unit (not likely on your shed) and survival apparatus can be positioned inside as well as outside to accommodate your likely "outing".
Do they look appealing? Well, - a log cabin might be more appealing...but that would cost $25-30K and these are a fraction of that. Now they are looking better. You could apply board and batten or a fence to offset the dimensions of the unit and color coordinate. Security is provided by locking devices and heavy metal doors - you would need to have a cutting torch to get in.
Consider the various sizes that you could use and zoning regulations on temporary storage in your community. They also are heavy so before you think about dropping one off way up your mountain.....get your crane guy lined up first. The rest of us will do just fine on level ground up on treated blocks.
The A-Verdi Company in New York State has an extensive array of units and modifications they can create for you. You may have other vendors in your particular state who might do the same...these units are plentiful. No, we aren't related or have stock in this family owned company.
We think you should give this idea some thought in your planning stage.
Best part - if you don't like it after a while - sell it back or sell it outright. You can't (really) do that with a shed.


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