Thursday, July 22, 2010

ICE Card Example

In accordance with our Keep It Simple (KISS) Policy here we will be constructing posters you can use at your exhibitions that clearly demonstrate how to complete an ICE Card in the event someone has a question.....this is but one way. Add them to the other "how to" posters we have online for free.

Make sure to use a good fine point pen like a Space Pen or similar write anywhere ink version as water markers won't work well and smear/smudge.

Note that the order of the contacts could reflect the same order you have on your cell phone using the E.123 Method (Best - Simple - Works on All Phones 01, 02, 03....) and you can change these anytime just by making out another card.

Try your best to be consistent in this area because in the confusion of a full blown emergency many mistakes can and will likely be made.....remember that so you are not disappointed. If you use ICE you can certainly reduce the likelihood of an error or miscommunication taking place.

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