Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Smart-ICE Rates For Mom's!!!

Smart-ICE - developed by those fine folks at EMS-Options, LLC in Ohio keeps moving it's way to the head of the pack when it comes to emergency applications for smart phone devices. Here is just another example of people - in this case, a popular website for moms, recognizing that fact.
Babble is the fastest growing website for moms, with over 4 millions moms visiting the hippest parenting site in the US every month.
Gee, now Smart-ICE is hip as well!
This ICE application came in 4th for the Family and Fun Category and 25th in the pack of Top 50 overall! This website magazine scoured hundreds of applications looking for the best for mom's and ICE scored big......considering the tens of thousands of App's out there.
Great work Tim and Wil! Persistence and quality of product and service pays off.
More good news for ICE is coming....

Learn more about smart-ICE at
Visit Babble at

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