Friday, July 4, 2008

International ICE Standard and Graphic

ICE4SAFETY in collaboration with the United Nations Agency, ITU located in Geneva Switzerland and responsible for promulgating standards for telecommunications industries worldwide, will be helping to establish a non-language based method of identifying emergency medical and contact information for use throughout the world.
This uniform method is meant to reach out and serve those people whose non-Latin based language precludes them from readily identifying what the term "ICE" represents. Instead, the new standard will utilize Arabic Numerals to denote the location of emergency contact numbers such as "01Emergency, 02Medical, 03Health Proxy but the language component can be in any language (English here for demonstration).
Use of this method by English speaking persons in non-English speaking countries and vice-versa can be an immediate and direct benefit of this new initiative.
A new graphic representing the standard - one that can be readily used on the latest graphically oriented telecommunication devices, is being unveiled here and on the respective websites and in public announcements. In keeping with the spirit of the initiative, the registered mark will be referred to as ICE.123
More information and tools to help people implement this harmonization of ICE will be forthcoming.
View July 23, 2008 United Nations Press Release on E.123 and ICE4SAFETY.COM

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