Monday, November 3, 2008

Prep Tip - Canned Food Supplements

As a follow up to the previous blog entry about MRE's, we would like to also bring to your attention another excellent way to supplement your food storage and preparedness efforts using high quality and nutritious canned foods. One brand we tested recently was Yoder's.

Canned cooked meats that can store for up to 10 years and actually taste good and don't "bite back" from gristle, bones and fat. Our understanding is that the manufacturers are Amish folks and our experience is they are quite particular in their food preparation efforts.

Having several cans or cases of bacon, turkey, chicken, hamburger (yes - and it is actually high quality) on hand versus a run to the local market in a snowstorm or other calamity can be an awfully welcome feeling and nutritional boost. Best part is the food is already cooked and requires little or no preparation.

From a cost effective perspective, the use of this supplemental foodstuff has merit and can be less costly than the production of hot meals for delivery. Social service agencies might provide some initial training and recipes for nutitional meals that will go a long way toward creating self sufficiency over dependency.

For a preparedness store - this is ideal for shelter in place or remote camping shelters or retreats. One concern there would be weight. Another is temperature. Storing these canned foods at below 70 degrees can significantly extend their useful shelf life. Stored below 60 degrees can extend shelf life beyond 10 years. Some foods found in cans over 40 years old have been found to be safe to eat...maybe not appealing to look at but they will keep you alive.

You can learn more about the Yoder canned foods and some taste testing at

You can also learn about various MRE's and Yoder foods at

More to follow....

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