Monday, November 30, 2009

Paramedic Advances ICE in NJ

November 19 was a pretty important day in the lives of Dunellen High School students, teachers and an Alumni who introduced the students to the concept of ICE. Students were provided with a host of information about a variety of Health and Wellness Topics for almost 4 hours at the DHS Wellness Fair.
Alex Zaleski, a full time Paramedic Student at Union County College, Air Force Reserve Medic and Alumni of Dunellen High worked diligently to provide students participating in the event with an informative and engaging demonstration about the many uses of ICE.
Slide show to follow...the pictures will speak for can read more about the fair and see Alex in action at the link below.
Now for some of those agencies (and schools too!) out there looking for a project to do for the community you go. This one fellow put together brochures, posters and used PowerPoint from the website to instruct and engage his audience. He also created a training report for you to follow.
We will be providing more pics and info as we go along here.
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