Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reality Check - Violence in America

Look closely at this sign..... since when is anyone entitled to everything in life for free? Who is promoting this fantasy and that it actually exists here? Actually promising to kill police officers if their demands for free benefits are not met is outrageous.
This activity of promoting violence left unchecked will quickly lead to lawlessness, anarchy and chaos which ultimately leads to death and destruction. There are people in this country who actively use this ageless method of fomenting disorder and chaos as a expeditious means of accomplishing their political agenda.....this is more than troubling. It is wrong.

Nothing is ever free - nothing of real value ever comes without hard work or sacrifice. Free to one person generally means someone else must go without. You cannot sit around and absorb everything you need like a sponge.
Same message applies to personal preparedness - don't always plan on someone else always coming to your rescue - you have to participate in the process by regularly taking steps to ensure your own safety. Sorry, no flowery prose or promises here - just a reality check.

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