Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Fire Safety Pleas Unanswered ??

Happy New Year!

Every year after a large snowfall we hear the same lament by Fire and Public Safety Officials for people to clear out Fire Hydrants all over the county!

Think....if there was an incentive and more community pride inspiring people to get out and do this automatically we would likely not hear this repeatedly.

With less and less public services being the norm and fewer fire volunteers,  doesn't it make sense to encourage citizens of a town or city take part in their own safety? 

We think so.  We have a workable solution.

Consider that in a mere five minutes a fire chief is likely by policy to pull firefighters out of a structure where they are fighting a fire due to water running low (250 of 500 gallon tank) in the pumper......5 minutes.....then they fight the fire from outside.....
But if your fire hydrant was cleared away because neighbors pitched in to clear their adopted hydrant(s) it might be a different story.

We can provide communities with thousands of super durable outdoor reflective ICE Stickers, adoption forms, posters, banners and personal ICE Safety Kits that agencies can acquire inexpensively to solicit donations and get people interested in taking care of themselves......or they can continue this plea every year to no avail.

Community Groups or Private Businesses can so easily initiate such a program.
ICE is ubiquitous and there are so many other uses for this highly recognizable program.

Read the article about a Northern NY region where buried hydrants are the norm.

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