Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mindset - Emergency Management - Tip 1

Being prepared for emergencies in the Corporate World is called Emergency Management and Business Continuity Planning - it is big business in itself right now.....so how about having the same attention for you and your family? Sure thing.

Here are some bullet points to keep in mind while you formulate your plan(s) for being prepared... as you get your "gear" in place and integrate more situational awareness into your busy lifestyle you will develop more options - and options are what you want. As mentioned before, being on a roof waving for help is not your best option.
Let's refresh some things you likely already know but need to think about again as you plan....
  • During and emergency, whether it be natural or man made, you and your family may suffer injuries that could be life threatening or at least hamper your ability to help yourself.
  • You may temporarily suffer from emotional or psychological shock that can and will disorient or confuse you to the point you may not be able to think or act appropriately.
  • Complex tasks may become nearly impossible to accomplish for some period of time.
  • The weather may be extremely hot or cold, rainy or windy or dry.
  • Power, water, communication, security, mobility, shelter may all be unavailable.
  • You may be (far) away from your home and emergency supplies or cut off by a natural disaster or massive influx or exit of other people relocating.
  • You need to decide whether to "shelter in place" or "bug out" (common parlance nowadays) and you should have criteria in place for making that decision when/if the time comes.
  • Your plans to meet other members of your family may become impractical due to a variety of reasons...but pre-planning helps you to better understand what needs to be done in situations and what others can and will do if the designated plan can not be enacted. They call this innovation or Plan "B" or "C"....
  • Crowds and lawlessness in large disasters happen, being alone without help may require some drastic measures.
  • Help from the government agencies as portrayed on TV are not realistic and you need to realize this right now - your friends and family as well.
  • People in some parts of the country that don't suffer many disasters may think you are crazy for taking the time for being prepared (these are also the first to show up at your door for help as well). This may include members of your own family so be prepared for that.
  • You can accomplish some level of preparedness no matter where you live and where you are and you can improve the odds or your coming out okay as well. You need to put yourself in the proper mindset.....more to follow.

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