Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Prep Tips 1 - Water

Water - the body can't work without least not for very long.
Studies say 3 days...whether it is hot or cold the body respires and you exhale water gallon per day per person is the current usage standard. Couple this with the YOYO72 theory (see below) and you will need to have 3 gallons on hand - minimum. This is a can do and MUST DO item. No water - you expire - simple. You will need something to store and transport the water.
At this point you shouldn't be surprised that many people don't even have 1 gallon on hand....bad idea. So if you haven't paid attention to this detail yet, here are some tips....
The very best portable containers from a quality standpoint are the Scepter Brand (Canadian) Water and Fuel Containers. You can find the consumer versions ($10-15) in 5 gallon sizes from auto and marine supply stores or online. They are blue and lighter gauge plastic. They are functional and easily transportable. 7 gallon plastic recreational containers can be too heavy(60#) when full so you may decide to avoid them.
Scepter military cans stack and consumer versions have pouring spouts.
Larger 15-30-55 gallon plastic food grade barrels are long term stay-in-place storage options and a topic for yet another day.

Pictured above are the military version Jerry cans transported on a SUV rack. These are heavier duty construction and can even be used as an emergency support for repairing vehicles. If you drop a full military container, it won't break.
They come in 10L ($19) or 20L ($25) sizes and are the best choice for anyone who plans on "bugging out" with any quantity of water. The 10L cans can be left in your vehicle 24/7 and won't split open if frozen. They also can slide under a bed if you live in an apartment.

You can find them at Brigade Quartermaster Online at ( and sometimes cheaper from a military surplus dealer.
Coffee break is over. More on water to come.....

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