Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California Firestorm - October 2007

Latest information that continues to change is that one half million people have been displaced by these fires in California....400,000+ homes evacuated and over 400,000 acres of land scorched with over 1400 homes or businesses lost to the It keeps getting larger.

This is an area not unfamiliar with these types of incidents.....luckily many were prepared to leave...but not all and those poor souls interviewed on TV claiming to have had only an hour notice to pack and get out....were painful to watch. No sane, rational person enjoys seeing others suffer.

So, if you figure you can get your whole life packed up in an hour then have at it....more reason to prepare ahead of time...these evacuees are finding out that their temporary stay in sports stadiums and the like may prove to be a bit longer than anticipated.....many were observed carrying their belongings in paper bags..... this from people who lived in mansions and in fire prone areas.

Too much tree brush left behind because of environmental laws prohibiting clearing now increases the threat and fuels the fires...nature just took care of this itself. Living on the edge of a desert that has been known to dry up and catch on fire regularly - is not too smart. Call it like it is - great view but you risk losing everything. At least one life has been lost so far...

Now reports have it one or more fires were started by an arsonist. Nothing new there. Another story has a detained terror suspect telling the FBI in Denver this June that they planned to start numerous fires out west in several states and then leave the country. Plausible not hard to accomplish and perfect for terrorists.

In any event, you have a catastrophe, both man made in many respects and naturally occurring. Plenty of state and federal resources on hand working in unison with relief agencies this time to handle the situation and a competent Governor - not like the Katrina mess. National Guard has plenty of assets on hand and the Marines at Pendelton stand ready to help when/if called.

This may not be the case when you find yourself in a situation - it may be more localized or even more devastating and help less available. Still preparation - mentally and physically is key.
Expecting others to serve your every need is an unrealistic expectation - unfortunately one that our younger generation has come to expect.

Does anyone still need more incentive to have a plan and supplies on hand ready to go? How much fun do you think living in that tent at the stadium is going to be shortly? How safe as well? So far it looks good but lots of work will need to be done. Katrina was and is still a mess - sloppy planning/corruption and devastation.

So, no - don't go and hold up in a corner of your house and hide. Schedule in some time to assess your risk potential and take some assertive steps to ensure your family's survival when/if those risks play out. Good luck and to you all.

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