Thursday, October 18, 2007

ICE Sticker Uses - Prep Tip 1

Just a few uses for the new ICE VersaCard Sticker.....key word - versatile.....need to access those Pandemic Supplies or you are in a hurry to local emergency info in a refrigerator? Need hurricane prep tools or rescue tools....but the person getting them doesn't know what they look about marking them with the ICE Sticker.....during an emergency your focus will narrow and in panic will end up in tunnel vision so cognitive abilities will be limited....keep everything simple....and prepare ahead of time....if the emergency is taking place you are too late.....

Construction job sites....Name Tag and ICE Sticker on helmet signifies emergency contact and medical info are located inside in case of an accident or illness on time to waste calling the office to look up some paper file while the office manager is out sick or on lunch.....have it with you as a part of your Emergency Action Plan. Plenty of seal up type pouches that will stick to the inside of the helmet to secure the info

As a communications tool, it can be used to help people locate essential emergency equipment and supplies - especially those who might be in a better position to help you out. Got your files backed up and the CD amongst all your other disks.....maybe not the best idea you've about prominently marking which one to take from your media or burglar safe?

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