Monday, November 19, 2007

ICE - Start Your Own Emergency Vial Program

Using the ice4safety VersaCard you can create your own Emergency Medical Information Program for Seniors, Nursing Home Safety Programs and Shut Ins if a large Drug Chain isn't subsidizing an ad campaign to get more business in your area. Even if they are you can do it yourself.

Remember ICE is a free DIY concept.

You can use the ice4safety VersaCard on your home or apartment entry doors and then place an ICE Medical Card on your person or even stick it to the refrigerator door....maybe you prefer EMS not go through your refrigerator unless they need to retrieve some medications.

Meal on Wheels Programs are a good way to distribute these stickers and people can be set up in mere minutes. The picture here shows an ICE Medical Card front and back in a side by side Clear Vinyl Stick on Envelope.

This can be stuck on your wall or refrigerator or on your wheel chair or walker if need be.

Not sure on how to get started...send an email and we can get you going in a snap....more ideas on the burner awaiting time to enter in the blog.....plenty of nursing homes have contacted to get info and CD's to start their own programs.....just takes a moment. Still free....

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