Friday, November 9, 2007

Minimalist Preparation Tip - Kit in a Can

Some skeptics think they will never find themselves in a predicament they couldn't overcome.....they have watched all the Survivorman episodes on TV and are all set. We all know one or more of these people and they may even be close relatives....well the folks at Coghlan's must know them as well because they put this mini kit together in a sardine can.
Give or take about 28 items in this lightweight and compact kit. If you really hate the thought of assembling or carrying anything larger - maybe your spouse or kids hate it as could potentially have them "hold" this for you next time you venture outdoors...or leave it in their glove box, console or purse....about $12 in stores or from Camping Survival online as well...
TSA won't let you carry this onto the don't try it.

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